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About Us

Glass Skin Co.

Est. March 2020 | Los Angeles, CA | Black Owned

Quality skincare that is accessible and easy to understand 



"I've always had sensitive, dry skin and an extreme difficulty finding products that suit my particular skincare needs. I used to believe 'it must just be my skin' most of the products I would try would further irritate my skin, make me feel greasy, or were drying.

 Over time, I began to realize that there very few products on the market that are high quality, accessible, dry + sensitive skin friendly, and directly marketed to people who look like me. I developed this line because everyone should be able to participate in an inclusive beauty space & experience products that promote healthy skin." - Tranice' Warner, Founder



We believe that skincare and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand. The skin is the largest organ by surface area in the human body, and we focus on formulating products with ingredients that support the skin's overall health, function, and appearance. Our products are hydration focused and formulated with sensitive skin types in mind. Each ingredient in our formulations is selected with the direct intention of supporting a healthy skin barrier or the overall integrity of the product. Thus, our products are free of fragrances, dyes, essential oils, parabens, silicone, and harsh alcohols and surfactants. We are 100% vegan and cruelty free. 


Climate change + racial and social equity are deeply interconnected, and so is beauty. We all have a moral, social, & economic obligation to promote sustainable consumerism & environmental stewardship. 

We attempt to limit the use of single use packaging in every aspect of our business. We believe as company, we have an obligation to operate with the future in mind.

You may notice that our products are not packaged traditionally in disposable, single use boxes. Most of our items ship in reusable canvas pouches to limit the amount of waste produced by the consumption of our products. Our packaging is made of recyclable glass, and some of our bottles and jars may be up-cycled. We use recyclable packing shreds and paper to protect items during shipping instead of the traditional bubble or plastic wrap.